Late Night Ramblings

I imagine being in love with someone to be so very different from anything else. It’s beyond beautiful and “perfect”, but at the same time is even more fleeting. People fall in and out of love so often and that frightens me. It seems so beautiful and tragic and by all rights it should be permanent. But people change and events occur and just like that people fall out of love, except its a slower fall. It’s a depressing fall from the pedestal on which that love was place. It’s a slower fall because as humans we feel so shocked and cheated when things don’t go our way. And there’s always that risk of falling out of the love you so ready dove in to. And that’s kind of frightening. And yet we all anticipate it… Because maybe the fall with be worth it. Maybe one time you don’t fall out and you see that love for everything it truly is, both good and bad. And maybe it’s because of of desire for that true understanding that we throw ourselves headfirst into the unknown territories of another person.

And even if that love shatters and one falls, the new experiences of life we gain from that other person is like an invaluable fragment we take with us. Something that we can only get from being that close to another human being. And so even heartache is beautiful and “perfect”.

The perils of falling in love, literally falling into another person, is terrifying, unpredictable, and generally ill-advised and yet… I can’t wait for the day I take my first fall.


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