Satellite Update: A Safe Re-entry


photo credit: ESA

Good news regarding that European satellite! On Nov. 11 at 1:00 am Central European Time, it re-entered the atmosphere and decayed over Siberia, the western Pacific Ocean, the eastern Indian Ocean and Antarctica, with no property damage or injuries as a result. According to the European Space Agency, 25% of the satellite made it to earth. The Head of the ESA also provided the reminder that “The one-tonne GOCE satellite is only a small fraction of the 100–150 tonnes of man-made space objects that reenter Earth’s atmosphere annually” which is something maybe most people are unaware of. I mean honestly, would it kill the government to give out more warning? Just because its a relatively normal occurrence doesn’t really excuse how the average person remains mostly unaware these potentially devastating events are taking place. At least, there aren’t many reports and modes of alarm in America. Is it the same last minute notice and protective head-wear plan for every country?


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