European Satellite falling to Earth: Protect Ya Neck!

Undated artists impression of the Gravit

An artist’s impression shows the GOCE satellite, which is currently falling to Earth. (AFP PHOTO/ESA/AOES MEDIALAB)


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Sound like a joke but it’s really happening! Reportedly, a European satellite known as GOCE has run out of fuel and has been descending into the Earth’s atmosphere. According to the Head of the European Space Agency (ESA), the satellite will break into fragments as it descends further and about ” 20% or 200kg – is expected to reach ground, distributed across dozens of fragments, spread over a sizable re-entry ground swath.  Fragments are expected to fall  sometime around Sunday night/ Monday morning. Oh, and but they way scientist have no idea where these fragments will land!

This news is nerve-wracking and raises the question of how many other satellites could befall the same fate? How can we better prepare for these things rather than hoping for the best? Many people are left frightened and unsure of what to do about their worry, but luckily there are numerous trackers to watch the satellite’s progression. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be tracking GOCE and look out for flying debris


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